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Let me say immediately that I appreciate many of your comments on my Post about 4 Union Ministers sent to #ukraine by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Govt of Narendra Modi. True, the Prime Minister takes care of all Indians. Yes, they are all children of India. Yes reservations, which had a rightful original motive,  have become a blight on  this country and deny many students of merit,... But my experience with Indians abroad, particularly in the USA, is that Indians rarely come back and in. turn their children and grandchildren, however talented they are, sink in the great American melting pot and are a total loss to India – 60% of the Silicon Valley software engineer, 56% of all British doctors, many of the world’s surgeons, CEO’s etc. Worse, whenever I lectured in American universities, where there are a HUGE number of Indian students, I notice that maybe 2 or max 3% of Indian students there have an interest in Indian history, or yoga, or pranayama and often they are ashamed to be Indians and want to be more American than the Americans. I am a white man who emigrated to India - but when I see the huge queues at the US embassy in Delhi, so badly treated like cattle by the security guards, my blood boils. Nationalism has to be à la Sri Aurobindo, ruthless when it needs to be, not à la Gandhi, whose rigid and sometimes ostentatious principles did more harm than good to the nation.

What is needed is a cold assessment of the situation. Who is India’s greatest enemy? China without doubt. The Chinese president is also bent upon conquering the world and in a ruthless and manner both economically and in a military manner. Thus China is more an enemy of the western world than Russia. But Biden has revived the Cold War and pushed Putin in his last retrenchments by using NATO to threaten Russia’s territorial integrity. Ukraine is no saint: it sided with the Nazis and provides weapons to Pakistan. If there is one culprit it is America which brought the world on the brink of a nuclear world. All right, get your students, but be aware of the occult forces behind this whole drama, the asuric forcers that make us not see the truth and be caught in trivial matters however human

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