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All right, Teesta Seltavad has gone to jail – but for how long? With good lawyers, support from many Indian intellectuals & journalists, as well as the western press & western leaders even (maybe), she won’t stay there long.


Many BJP leaders and Narendra Modi supporters are gloating: “justice is done at last”, they say! I am not so sure. On the one hand, the harm is done: the hatred against Mr Modi and the BJP – and indirectly against Hindus- has been taken up long ago by the New York Times in the USA, the Guardian and BBC in the UK, Le Monde and France24 in France etc. and it is here to stay. I think it was Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, who said that if you repeatedly negate truth, it becomes so muddled, that people no longer know where is truth and where is untruth. I think this was done cleverly by Teesta and she was successful. Yes, she lied, yes, she tutored witnesses, yes she diverted NGO funds, yes, she did perjury, but he harm is done…


Secondly, Teesta Seltavad is like many hydra monster. You chop its head and another one pops up immediately. The truth is that there are many Teesta Seltavads, not only in India, but all over the world, particularly in the Academic, Media and publishers’ realms – Indians and often Hindus at that. Some of them are Nobel prizes like Amartya Sen, some of them are famous writers like Arundhati Roy, some of them politicians, like Rahul Gandhi, some of them journalists, like Rajdeep Sardesai and many many others, not so well known, but their impact in the countries, where they live (particularly in US universities) is immense and cannot be discounted.


Thirdly, as a journalist, I stand by truth. What is the truth? One, that in 2002 in Godhra, Gujarat, 57 Hindus were burnt to death like animals by a Muslim mob, led by a Congress local leader, amongst them, 32 women and children, for no other reason than they came from Ayodhya. Two, it is not Narendra Modi who went down in the streets in fury and killed, but tens of thousands of outraged Hindus, from brahmins to shudras. There was simmering discontent from decades, centuries even, against the Muslim community and the Sabarmati Express Holocaust was the park that triggered the terrible jus anger of Hindus. Three, let me tell you boys and girls, if my wife, my sister, my mother, my father, or my brother had been burnt in this train, I too would have gone in the streets and killed indiscriminately, this community that silently & secretly endorses the crimes against humanity that Islam has constantly committed for centuries and still commits. Thus it is not Mr Modi whom should gone after Mrs Seltavad, but tens of thousands of ordinary Guajarati HindusLastly, however brilliant the Teesta Seltavads of this word are, they are ultimately puppets. Either their dad was an avowed Marxist Nehruvian, like Rajdeep Sardesai’s father, or their husband is a Muslim, like Teesta or Barkha, or they have some Christian ancestry, like Arundhati Roy or they are Muslims themselves, like Salman Rushdie. At any rate, they mostly repeat more or less brilliantly, in their own way of course, the same thing that they soaked in, as children or adolescents.


One can may be understand Muslims who hate Mr. Modi, the BJP and Hindus, because their religion teach the that Hindus are infidels, to be converted by force or guile; one can, maybe, understand Christians who think their God is the only true one, and that now that crusades are over, they can use financial incentives to convert innocent Hindu tribals or harijans. But one can NEVER forgive, in my humble opinion, Hindus like Teesta Seltavad, who betray their Hindu brothers and sisters, to whom they owe so much. They are the human cockroaches of this world.


Francois Gautier

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