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The Nice attacks in France, which killed 84 people, should be seen in that light and proved three things :

1) That ANY weapon will do for an Islamic terrorist and that the imagination is the limit, as jihadists are constantly finding new means of killing people

2) That it’s practically impossible to guard against such attack. This means that more and more, thanks to Islamic terrorism, we are going to live in a world more and more guarded, we are going to be subjected to more and more harassing security, not only at airports, but in malls, railways, now in public events, ETC.

3) And that the problem lies with the Koran: this guy was not religious, drank, womanized, but in a space of days found inspiration in the Hajis, which he googled on his laptop to kill the maximum number of ‘Infidels’.

This leads us to the conclusion that the real problem is not so much with the jihadists – eventually, like Hitler, they will LOSE the battle, as they cannot take on the whole of the democratic world – the issue is with the Muslim silent MAJORITY, which after every bombing, says “yes, BUT”. The whole hitch is in the “BUT”. We witnessed it again in Nice in the reactions of the French educated Muslims: French Muslim footballers, French Muslim writers, singers, and of course the French Media gave them wide coverage:

“Yes we condemn violence, “BUT” President Hollande is supporting America.

“Yes, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a misguided Muslims, “BUT” in Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Muslims are persecuted;

“Yes, Paris and Nice terror attacks were wrong, “BUT” they happen because of poverty and government neglect of French Muslims”.

Which again is totally illogical, as it means that if you are poor, it’s ok to bomb and maim and kill and rape.

So will Islam ultimately convert itself? Because the problem is not with Muslims, but with the Koran. Will it, instead of feeling totally paranoiac, thinking that it is under attack everywhere, whether it is Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, or France, realize that it is actually Islam which is the aggressor all over the world, that Muslims who have settled in France or India, or the UK, and which these countries have sincerely accepted, giving them citizenship and the same rights as any French, Indian or German citizens, are actually biting the hand that fed them ? Will the mullahs of Islam accept to sit down and reform the Koran, which is a perfectly acceptable scripture for the Middle ages, when mentalities were very different, but which today still propagates an aggressive, exclusive, and dangerous zeal in its children?

This is what we are all hoping for. This is what most Western leaders secretly crave for, when they go out of their way to praise and favour the moderate Muslims of their country. This is what spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are attempting, with a certain amount of success, by speaking to Muslim leaders, fostering ties in Muslim countries such as Iraq or Afghanistan, or reforming Kashmiri terrorists through meditation.

Unfortunately, time is running out. Muslims in France, India and elsewhere in the world do not understand is that we are slowly losing our innocence. At the moment, Islam still benefits from the sympathy of the media, which constantly negates Islamic fundamentalism, making a hero for instance of BurhanWani, who was recently killed in Kashmir, when the man was encouraging children to kill Indian soldiers and a villain of the Indian army, which only responded to a violent, religious-inspired uprising that chased out 400.000 Hindus for their ancestral lands and houses in the Valley of Kashmir. But it is slowly losing that sympathy. Sooner or later nearly the entire world will wage a war against Islam, from Europe to China, from the Ural to Pakistan.

There will also come a time, which is already happening, where everybody will become wary of anything Islamic. Anyone looking slightly Muslim, in a plane, in a train, in a shopping mall, will be looked upon suspiciously. Anybody with a Muslim name will have problems entering any country. Those who have Muslim friends will quietly stop seeing them or find some excuses not to meet them. It is already happening. In Nice, after the attacks, French people are challenging Muslims in the streets, asking them to show that they are French first and Muslims second. Westerners are also voting for Donald Trump or France’s extreme right Marine Le Pen, only because they are fed-up with their leaders that keep repeating that “Islam is a religion of peace and that these are only isolated acts of ‘fanatics”. Muslims will cry themselves hoarse and speak of persecution. But they will have only themselves to blame: they did not speak up as a community when innocents all over the world were killed in the name of their religion.

And this may be the way Islam will slowly disappear. Muslims with a little common sense, or just maybe with a sense of survival, will start changing their names quietly, they will stop going to the Mosque, they will send their children to Christian or Hindu schools. Governments will clamp down so hard on their own Muslims, there will be so many restrictions on them, that entire families, will move out of the Muslim enclaves you find all over the world, to resettle elsewhere. Jihadists facing certain death even if they are not suicide bombers, will melt back in civilian life. Muslims will slowly lose faith in the righteousness and the power of their own religion, become atheists, or even embrace back Hinduism, as 90% of Muslims in India are Hindu converts. It may take a few decades, a hundred years even, But Islam will surely disappear in the alleys of history and what look now like menacing, dangerous, foreboding force will be looked upon as just another religion that came and passed away..

Finally, The world needs to realize that the horror that just happened in #‎Nice‬, was lived a THOUSAND times more in Kashmir by Hindus. In fact, in the last 15 centuries, Hindus have been the victims of THE biggest and bloodiest Islamic terror ever.

François Gautier

P.S. having written many books on Indian History (latest “A History of India as It Happened, Har Anand, New Delhi), but seeing how little it changes things – even under a BJP Govt, Indian curriculums and history books keep praising Aurangzeb who was a master jihadist and treating Shivaji Maharaj or Maharan Pratap, national heroes, on par with Napoleon, as small chieftains or even plunderers, I have started building a Museum of (true) Indian History in Pune. Today we have eight Pavilions, each with a unique permanent exhibition, a Bharat Mata temple dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and a video room. The Museum is open from 9 to 6PM and entrance is free. I am in the process of erecting three new buildings, one for a Portuguese Inquisition exhibition, another for one on Tippu Sultan and one which will have a room with flat TV screens only, each one playing on a loop films, PPT’s, etc. I need your support. You can see the fundraising drive at

Tks. FG

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