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Once More The Indian Media…

In the matter of the twelve men arrested aboard the Northwest flight in Amsterdam, once again the Indian Media has shown that it has no independence of thought and individuality, as it totally embraced the Government’s point of view. In these days of suicide bombers, anybody who refuses to sit down, switch off cell phones and generally behaves suspiciously in an international flight, is bound to be arrested and submitted to rigorous interrogation in jail. The funny thing is that nobody highlighted the fact these twelve men were Muslims better than the Indian Government and Media. The smart thing would have been to keep a low profile and if at all protest, then protest on behalf of Indian citizens, regardless of their religion.

The other striking aspect of this story is that the Indian Media has been totally one sided. Many Dutch and European newspapers printed stories of passengers who confirmed that the twelve passengers did get up when told to be seated, did refuse to switch off their cell phones which they exchanged between themselves and did behave in an aggressive manner. Instead the Indian Press printed tear-jerking stories of innocent Muslim being harassed just because of their religion. Whom to believe then ? At least the Press could have published both sides of the story. Dutch are peace loving people and they are certainly one of the most easy going governments in Europe. Once more in summoning the Dutch ambassador for a farcical protest, the Indian Government loses a little more credibility in the eyes of the International community.

Who is the Indian Government trying to please ? Its Muslim community, in the hope that it will be appeased and will keep quiet ? But will it really be appeased and grateful ? If it was, every time a bomb explodes in a Delhi market, a Varanasi mosque, or a Mumbai train in the name of Allah, the entire Indian Muslim community would put adds in newspapers, appear on TV and condemn collectively the horror that is done in the name of the Koran. But it does not do so, because most Muslims justify these horrors because of what is supposedly done to Islam in Kashmir, Palestine, or Kosovo.

Are Kashmiri Muslims martyrs then ? Not at all. Kashmir is the most pampered state in India, where people have been living on Government of India’s subsidies, practically without working for 15 years. It is not the Indian army which started a war in Kashmir, but Jehadis funded by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who hounded out 400.000 Kashmiri Hindus who had never raised their hands against their Muslim brothers of Kashmir. And what is true of Kashmir is probably true of Palestine or Chechnya. One remembers with a shudder what Muslims militants did to innocent children in Beslan. Muslims want to pose as persecuted, but in fact if you look at their history, yesterday and today, they have been the most ruthless, the most bloody, the most persistent persecutors of all persecutors, including Portuguese and Spanish persecutors.

How to explain then the near servile submissive attitude of the Indian Government and its submissive press (or should we say purchased, as it is said that 90% of the editorial space in the Times of India can be bought) ? True, the Congress has always believed in can be elected by wooing the Muslim electorate – and it has vigorously done so since Independence. But there is a deeper reason which nobody wants to name: naked fear. The ferocity of the Muslims invasions, its unparalleled bloody ruthlessness, have left a deep impact on the Hindu psyche. Hundreds of thousands of people massacred in matters of days, millions taken in slavery, women raped, temples razed, idols smashed… 500 years later, the indiscipline of Hindus, their near panic at the least sign of trouble, their refusal to face the enemy, their insistence on being goody-goody, the persistence of the Hindu intelligentsia to see in Muslims the best of friends, when for a Muslim there is no worse enemy than an idol worshiping Hindu, is a direct consequence of the terror wrought upon Hindus by Babar, Aurangzeb or Tuglak.

Today the descendants of Babar have chosen to blow themselves up in airplanes. They think that by doing so they are doing a service to Allah and that they will go to heaven after furthering the dream of a world converted to Islam. Not only the mullahs encourage them to do so, but the Muslim community in the word, feel that they are at least partly justified in their acts, because of imaginary injustices committed against Islam. Everybody insists that Samuel Huntington was wrong in his theory of clash of civilizations. But it is happening NOW under our very eyes and it will happen more and more. But our Marxist intellectuals are still in a denial mode, which in itself is a death wish, or at best the attitude of cowards.

Thus, it will become more and more difficult to travel by air in the coming years because of security. Soon, people will also become choosy about which airlines they travel on, which are the safest. According to US intelligence sources, India’s Jet Airways, for instance, has a strong Islamic link. Its chairman, Naresh Goyal, who started by doing business with Arab airlines, has never been able to explain how he got the initial funding for his airline; one of the terrorists arrested in London recently, was a Jet Airways employee; and Goyal had put on the board of his proposed Sahara/Jet merger Javed Akhtar, a known Hindu baiter. Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe, the merger fell though, Jet Airways has posted a loss for the last quarter, the US is still refusing the Indian company permission to start flights and it is said that England is considering withdrawing the authorization to fly between India and London. Insiders says that Jet Airways is in dire straits and might have to sell some of its aircrafts – unless Mr Goyal manages to infuse some more hawala money in his company….

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