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In 1898, French writer Emile Zola wrote an open letter to the then French President in the newspaper L’Aurore, titled “J’accuse” (‘I accuse’). In this 4000 words article, he accused the French Government of bias and anti-Semitism towards a Jewish officer unfairly condemned for treason.

It seems it is time that the people of India have the nerve to say openly that which many, including within the Congress, think secretly and may utter in the privacy of their chambers.

It is not about Manmohan Singh, it is not even about Shivraj Patil, who has been made the fall guy, it is about that one person who is the Eminence Grise of India. She who pulls all the strings, She whose shadow looms menacingly over so many, She who holds no portfolio, is just a simple elected MP, like 540 others, but rules like an Empress.

Sometimes, one’s very physical presence at the top is enough to move things, to influence the course of events. One word from Her, a glance, a frown, are enough to put the whole heavy, inert, unwilling machinery of India’s bureaucracy and political system in full motion. Sometimes She need not say anything: in the true tradition of Bhakti, Her ministers, Her secretaries, interpret Her silences and rush to please Her, to cater to Her western and Christian identity.

But nevertheless, she has said and acted enough so that one day it can come out in the open and that she may stand accused on the pages of History for what she must have done to Indiaís soul.

J’accuse Sonia Gandhi to be responsible for the tragedy of the Mumbai attacks, having totally emasculated India’s Intelligence Agencies by stopping them to go full blast on the investigations of the previous terror attacks in the last four years, including the Mumbai train blasts. She has also neutralized the ATS, by ordering them at all costs to ferret ‘Hindu terrorism’, which if at all it exists, has wrought minuscule damage, compared to what Islamic terror has done since 2004. Did the US send a warning to India that there may be an attack on Mumbai and that the Taj would be one of the targets, as Praveen Swami of the Hindu reported? Were these ignored, because the ATS was too busy chasing Hindu ‘terrorists’ on Sonia’s orders? If that is so, both the Maharashtra Government and Manmohan Singh should immediately owe responsibility and resign.

I accuse Sonia and her government to have made the NSG the laughing stock of the world. How many times did the NSG (who took ten hours to reach Mumbai) claim that it had sanitized the Taj and that the operation was over – and how many times, a bomb went off immediately after, or firing resumed? Some smart journalist should make a record of all the NSG statements, plus Government of Maharashtra press releases and tally them with facts, it would make a very interesting read! The NSG should be disbanded immediately: for the last twenty years, it has guarded VIP’s and has become soft and inefficient: see the comments of the Israeli terror specialists, who said that the NSG should have first sanitized the immediate surroundings of the places of conflict, kept the bystanders and press (who gave terrorists a watching TV in the Tridents and Taj rooms a perfect report of the security forces whereabouts), gathered enough information about the position of the terrorists and hostages, before taking action, instead of immediately engaging fire with the terrorists, creating havoc and ensuring the deaths of so many of the hostages.

I accuse Sonia to have, in four years, divided more and more India on religious and caste lines in a cynical and methodical manner.

I accuse Sonia to have weakened India’s spirit of sacrifice and courage, so that 20 terrorists (or maybe less) held at ransom the financial capital of India, the combined forces of the Mumbai police the NSG and the army and an entire nation, for more than three days.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi to have mislead the Indian nation for four years, of always pointing the finger at Pakistan, when terrorism in India is now mostly home grown, even if it takes help training, refuge and arms from Pakistan; of not warning Indians of the grave dangers of Islamic terrorism for its own cynical election purposes, of having, through her instruments, denigrated India in public forums, whether the UN or Amnesty International, by highlighting mostly imaginary abuses against India’s minorities.

J’accuse Sonia Gandhi to have let her Christian and western background taken the best of her and to have directed all her actions.

I accuse Sonia to be an enemy of the Hindus, the vast majority of this country, their culture, habits and spirituality, which always gave refuges to persecuted minorities, including the Syrian Christians and are the only people in the world to accept that God may manifest under different names, in different epochs, using different scriptures.

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of taking advantage of India’s respect for women, its undue fascination with the Gandhi name, and its stupid mania for the White Skin.

J’accuse Sonia of exploiting the Indian Press’ obsession for her. She had hardly ever given an interview in 20 years, except scripted ones to NDTV, yet the Press always protects her, never blames her and keeps under silence her covert role, including now, after the Mumbai attacks. We have also seen how the western press, which naturally, feels that a White Woman is more apt to lead this ‘backward’ country is giving her so much leverage, which she does not deserve. Please see all post-26/11 articles in the NY Times or the Time magazine, or the Economic Times of London (which wrote “Both Islamist and Hindu extremists have been bombing their way across India in an attempt to polarise opinion”!), who first put the blame on Hindus, whether the Gujarat riots or the fact that Muslims in India are ‘underprivileged’ (are they?). One should ask a question to all these hypocrites: would France or Great Britain, have a Hindu as the Supreme behind-the-scenes ruler?

I accuse Sonia Gandhi of having made India’s borders weak, especially maritime borders. If terrorists can land at Gateway of India with guns and ammunition without any check and being challenged, do Indians feel their borders are secure?

J’accuse Sonia and her government of trying to make heroes of subservient and inefficient men, so as to hide the humiliation of Mumbai 26/11. Before going to his death, Hemant Karkare, the ATS chief, was shown on television clumsily handling his helmet, as someone who uses it very rarely. Why did he die of bullet wounds in his chest when he was wearing a bullet proof vest? Either Indian bullet-proof vests are inferior quality or he was just not wearing it. How is it possible that the terrorists who killed him and his fellow officer escaped in the same vehicle, used by ATS chief? Why did he and his officers go in the Cama hospital without ascertaining where the terrorists were holing? We honour his death, but these facts say a lot about the battle-readiness of the ATS.

Will someone of the Congress, someone who feels more Indian than faithful to Sonia, dare to stand up and to speak the truth? Who said to go after Hindu ‘terrorists’? Who insisted on putting pressure on BJP governments in Karnataka or Orissa for so-called persecutions of Christians, when Christians have always practiced their faith in total freedom and their missionaries are at the moment ruthlessly converting hundreds of thousands of innocent tribals and dalits with the billions of dollars given by gullible westerners? Who said to go soft on Islamic terrorism? Who wants to do away India’s nuclear deterrence in the face of the grave Pakistani and Chinese nuclear threat, by pushing at all costs the one sided Indo-US nuclear deal, which makes no secret that it wants to denuclearize India militarily?

I am sure that Sonia Gandhi has good qualities: she probably was a good wife to Rajiv, a good daughter in law to Indira – and by all accounts, she is a good mother to her children, judging by the way they dote on her. One also hears first-hand reports about her concern for smaller people, her dignity in the suffering that befell her when her husband was blown to pieces, and her courtesy with visitors.

But nevertheless, she is a danger to India. Her very presence, both physical and occult, open the doors to forces which are inimical to India, whether, westernization, Christian conversions or Islamic terrorism. Even Indian Christians should understand that she is not a gift to them: her presence at the top has emboldened fanatics like John Dayal or Valson Thampu, who practice an orthodox Christianity which was prevalent in the West in the early 20th century, but today is no more today, to radicalize their flock. Indian Christians should understand that they are in no way persecuted in India, they have a much better deal than any Christians or Hindus have in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia. Under Sonia’s rule, Indian Muslims too, have been used as electoral pawns, truth has been hidden to them, they have been encouraged to shun the Sufi streak, which is a blend of the best of Islam and Vedanta, for a hard-line Sunni brand, imported from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, like in Kashmir, whereas in spite of bloody invasions, Muslims lived peacefully alongside their Hindu brothers and sisters for centuries.

For the good of India, her civilization, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia Gandhi has to go and a Government which thinks Indian, which breathes nationalism and protection of its citizens, be voted to power.

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