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Hindus will always be losers, when they keep apologizing & bending to enemy. The greatest holocaust ever in history of humanity, is that of the Hindus, at he hands of Muslim invaders. It has been calculated that Hindus have always accepted others, but its always been and stil is today 1 way traffic. Tomorrow all these Gulf countries, to whom India just gave away, will condemn India in the UN for Kashmir. Is it not again a one way traffic? You tel me boys and girls

What saddens me most in this #NupurSharma episode, is that however much the BJP Govt and Narendra Modi bent backwards to please Arab nations (and their petrol/ and their threat of state sponsored violence), the BJP and Mr Modi are anyway still condemned universally and the old labels of right wing fascist Hindu Govts (which are very much present in ly country France) are still waved around in the West.. This is why, in the spirit of Sri Aurobindo, whose 150th birth anniversary this year is, I say: “we need the kshatriya spirit of India, rather than this mental reasoning and political calculation (if we do this, this will happen/ If we surrender, we may gain this or that, this subsidized petrol, etc)

I am also aghast at the the attitude of the Indian Media, which just apes what the West says: this eternally colonized mind of the Indians, which keeps on repeating Macaulay’s and Nehru’s diktat


India cannot become a superpower, unless, like the Chinese, it is perceived as ruthless, not accepting humiliation and blackmail, royal, independent minded. The Buddhist and Gandhian influence on the Hindu mind, need to go and be replaced by all the ancient ardent spirit of the Bhagavad Gita: “WHEN DHARMA IS IN DANGER, WHEN MY PEOPLE ARE THREATENED, MY BORDERS ENCROACHED, MY GURUS ATTACKED, MY WOMEN TARGETED , VIOLENCE BECOMES JUSTIFIED – MORE THAN THAT IT BECOMES DHARMA, DUTY AND WILL RESULT IN GOOD KARMA, THAT DOES NOT SPRING FROM THE REASONING MIND, BUT FROM A COURAGEOUS HEART”

Francois gautier

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