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Western correspondents are always keen to do stories on female infanticides in Bihar, child marriages or sati cases in Rajasthan. But who knows that no nation in the  world has granted such important place to women in its spirituality and social ethos? In India, it is often a paradox, as women, because of later Muslim influence, have often been relegated to the background. The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet so many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence (Sri Aurobindo, “The Mother”)



It is in this way, that since the dawn of times, Hindus have venerated the feminine element under its different manifestations: Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Maheshwari - and even India is feminine MOTHER INDIA. .... India has had many female figures, whether warriors such as the Rani of Jhansi, or saints like today's Amrita Anandamayi. The role of Hindu women in India is essential and it can be safely said that very often, from the poorest to the richest classes, they control - even if behind the scenes - a lot of the family affairs: the education of their children, monetary concerns, and men often refer to them for important decisions.

The girls are loved in Inda like nowhere in the world.

I have never seen any other country where women play

such an important role, where she is so worshipped, revered, prized upon - I am talking about Hindu women, of course, not Muslims ones.

Westerns love to preach India on Human Rights. But countries such as France or United

States, never had a woman as their top leader, whereas India had Indira Gandhi ruling with an iron hand for nearly twenty years. And, then Sonia Gandhi, a Christian, a Westerner, reigning on India like an Express. The reverse would be absolutely impossible in the West where there are proportionately less MPs than India, which is considering earmarking 33%

of seats in Parliament for women - a revolution in human history! This shakti concept is

so rooted in the subcontinent, that you have had women Prime Ministers, such as the now deceased Benazir Bhutto, or Kaleda Zia, and now Sheikh Hasina, in Islamic countries (Pakistan and Bangladesh).

It is not the United States, England or France which have the most female airline pilots.

IT IS INDIA which has this number. Recently, an all-female crew pilots and air hostesses flew, a Delhi-San Francisco flight, one of the longest route in the world. Air India again operated 52 flights with all-women crew on Women's Day 2019.

The inferiority of Hindu women is the legacy of the British who strove to show themselves

as superior and Indian culture as inferior. The women have played and are still playing such an important role. The shakti concept is such a unique, vibrant, respectful and holy concept that all Indian women should be proud of it. Long live the Indian women and her astonishing grace. Hindu Power needs Hindu women and their Shakti.

Don't let anybody lecture you today, O my Hindu brothers and sisters about the sad condition of Indian women in India. Raise up your voices O my Hindu sisters and say it aloud: "We have a long tradition of freedom and love in this country for our Hindu women";

The Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Pune, strives to show that if France had one Joan of Arc, India had hundreds: we have exhibitions on the extraordinary Alyabai Holkar, who raised the first battalion of fighting women, or rani Kittur Chennama who fought the British and died in jail, or Tarabai of Maharashtra who stood like an empress against the Moghols, or Jiajbai, she who gave the Shakti to her son Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, so that he could defeat Aurangzeb the most powerful emperor in the world!


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