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I do believe that @NarendraModi is some sort of vibhuti, a divine instrument that comes from epoch t

I do believe that Narendra Modi is some sort of vibhuti, a divine instrument that comes from epoch to epoch, to do in a decade what would take hundreds of years. Nevertheless, even vibhutis are human and since coming to power in this big arrogant bubble that is Delhi, far away from the rest of India, the PM has imperceptibly veered away from his core HIndu-dharmic duty and shed away important reforms, such as Article 35A, the Ram Mandir, the Govt take over of Hindu temples (see what is happening now in Tirupati the most sacred of Hindu temples), the return of Kashmiri Pandits (which will remain a dream), the ABSOLUTELY essential rewriting of school curriculums and history books, etc. Also there is an aura now of an emperor like infallibility, and a certain arrogance, which is not yogic in its essence, around Mr Modi . Like Vajpayee, does he wants to be seen as a reasonable center right leader, who is inclusive of so called minorities, (who have persecuted Hindus for centuries and still continue to bully them), and not be seen as favouring Hindus, who nevertheless remain his core voters? This is a crucial question.

No doubt, as the first month of the second term has shown, Mr Modi will do FANTASTIC work, specially on the economic, social and foreign policy front. This is indispensable, if India is to become a genuine superpower on par with China, the US and Europe and be respected by these (which is not yet the case). But in the Dharmic parlance, in the spirit of the Bhagavad Gita, what is also needed, is a WARRIOR, even ruthless-like approach towards the enemies of Hindus, who are the bearers of the LAST spiritual Knowledge in this world, a consolidation and unification of Hindus, both in India and in the world, beyond castes and social barriers, so that Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo’s vision of that Knowledge which the Hindus are holding – ‘what is karma, what is dharma, what happens when I die, why am I reborn, what are the tools to lead a better life, etc’ – spreads openly unto the world and saves it from the certain doom that it is going unfailingly towards.

My feeling is that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Narendra Modi, even with @AmitShah as its number two, (who already castigated the Rajasthan BJP chief, when he rightly objected putting Maharana Pratap, a hero of the Hindus, and Akbar, a foreign invader and killer of Hindus (however better he was compared to Aurangzeb), on the same platform), will shy away from these bold and absolutely NECESSARY steps in the next five years and will keep at arm length those who are seen as too pro -Hindu, such as Dr. Subramanian Swamy or myself (who offered countless times to constitute an Advisory Board that will give Mr Modi genuine feedback on how his visionary reforms percolate – or not – to the ground, as he hears only praise from his core group of high bureaucrats and is a bit cut off from hearing the people’s voice by the 7 rings of security surrounding him and also the sycophancy that any Indian PM experiences).

This said, I remain a staunch supporter of Mr Narendra Modi as he is the best for India and the Indian National Congress alternative would set back Bharat for centuries.

But maybe I am wrong. What do YOU think?

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