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Let me be very clear friends: I am A DEFENDER OF HINDUS, FIRST AND FOREMOST. I have stood up for @BJP4India, as far as I remember, when Murli Manohar Joshi went to raise the Indian flag in Srinagar (and the whole Media made fun of him) or when my friend LK Advani did his famous yatra (idem). I stood for @narendramodi during #Godhra times, as both the Indian and foreign Media always failed to mention that these riots were triggered by the cruel, unacceptable and terrible burning of 57 innocent Hindus in the Sabarmati Express, who had sone nothing wrong except come back from Ayodhya sewa. Also they never said that it was ordinary Hindus who went down in the streets in absolute anger and revolt (I would do the same thing if it had happened to my wife), not Narendra Modi. At that time, nobody thought he was going to become the PM, me included. Now when I criticize the BJP Govt today or Mr Modi, people tell me ‘what are you doing’? But once more, I stand for Hindus, one of the most wonderful people on, this earth, the most tolerant, the most persecuted, people that accept that God manifests, He or She, at different times, using different names and Scriptures – hence a Hindu is able to enter a Buddhist temple, a gurdwara, a church, a mosque (like this so-called Sufi shrine in Ajmer), without feeling that he or she is committing a sin. Unfortunately, the reverse is not true and missionaries in India tell their newly converts that it’s a mortal sin to enter a Hindu temple or even to do a puja and Muslims continue to view Hindus as kafirs, idol worshippers, whose life is cheap.


Now, my reasoning is that the BJP and Mr Modi were elected with at least 95% Hindu votes, from the Dalits to the Brahmans and barely 5% from other religions. Thus the BJP Govt OWES IT TO HINDUS TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING BACK, like free their temples, when millions of madrasas and churches flourish all over India, with no interference; or raise their voices when sadhus are murdered in India, or an innocent tailor beheaded in Rajasthan, or Hindus attacked viciously in Leicester UK, or spokespersons of the BJP threatened. I RAISE MY VOICE. This doesn’t mean that I am not a supporter of Mr Modi or the BJP, as not only the PM did some wonderful things – demonetization, Ram Mandir, Article 370 etc, and I don’t see other political options at the moment. BUT I STILL FEEL THAT NOT ENOUGH IS DONE FOR HINDUS, WHO ARE THE HOLDERS OF THE LAST KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD: “Who am I, why I am reborn again and again, what is karma, what is dharma, what is an avatar” etc.


I also think that the Indian capital should have been shifted away from Delhi, to a more central place in India, like Indore, Bhopal or Ujain. Much that is wrong in this country comes from Delhi: an arrogant bureaucracy, a Media that apes western journalism, a diplomatic corps that has no clue about the real India, a rich and inept elite etc. I feel that Mr Modi, surrounded by 7 rings of security in his Race Course House, relying more and more on the PMO for controlling everything, from his ministers to the Auroville township, has lost the ear on the ground he had when he was CM of Gujarat, able to meet many people from all walks of life and make his own opinion. Also instead of decentralizing, he has centralized power in his hands and the PMO, more than any PM before him. Lastly, I feel sad that he keeps away from people who rooted for him long before he became Prime Minister, people like Rajiv Malhotra, Koenraad Elst (or me for that matter, who proposed free my services as a Media consultant to the BJP, but never even go No for an answer) and sees and praises and greets those who hated him and wanted him dead, like Sonia Gandhi or Aamir Khan.This said, I STILL AM an admirer of Narendra Modi and a friend of the BJP, BUT I REMAIN FIRST A DEFENDER OF HINDUS


François Gautier

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