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Is the @BJP4India Govt of @narendramodi, preparing to trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir, thereby rendering null Articles 370 & 35A? That would be a very good and clever move and fullfill MR MODI’S PLEDGE, WHEN HE WAS CAMPAIGNING IN 2014.

Of course, one will witness a huge hue and cry, as usual, from the Indian intelligentsia, the western correspondents, the NGO’s, the Marxists, the US administration, maybe even. But the truth is that Kashmiri Muslims started an armed revolt in name of Islam against the lawful elected Govt of India and chased out by terror, still in the name of Islam, 350.000 innocent Hindus from the Valley of Kashmir, so that they became refugees in their own country. I know, I was there !

We should remember what Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1940: “in Kashmir, the Hindus had all the monopoly. Now if the Muslim demands are acceded to, the Hindus will be wiped out again.” (India’s Rebirth, p. 220) How prophetic ! Because nobody cares to remember today that Kashmiris were almost entirely Hindus or Buddhists, before they were converted by the invading Muslims six centuries ago. True, today these Muslims in Kashmir have not only accepted as their own a religion which their ancestors had rejected, but they have also often taken-up the strident cry of Islam. Does any one remember too, that at the beginning of the century, there still were 25% Hindus in the Kashmir valley and that today the last 400.000 Kashmiri Pandits have become refugees in their own land, they who originally inhabited the valley, at least 5000 years ago, a much bigger ethnic cleansing than any other in the world?

Most journalists say that India alienated Kashmiris through years of wrong policies. But those who have been in close contact with Kashmir, even in its heydays of tourism, know for a fact that as a general rule, Kashmiri Muslims never liked India. There was only one thing that attached them to India, it was the marvelous financial gains and state bounties that they made out of tourism. Even those Kashmiris who are now settled in India make no bones about where their loyalty lies. Talk to them, specially if you are a Westerner, and after some time, they’ll open their hearts to you; whether it is the owner of this Kashmir emporium in a five star hotel in Madras, or the proprietor of that famous travel agency in Delhi: suddenly, after all the polite talk, they burst out with their loathing of India and their attachment to an independent Kashmir.

Today, Kashmiri Muslims have taken over the Souvenir trade in India, whether in Pune or Pondichery – but it’s a one way traffic, as Indians are not allowed to buy land or start business in Kashmir. Thus, if @AmitShah, @AjitDoval and @narendramodi really plan to remove this iniquity, we can only bow down to them: they will do what no other Govt, dared ! Of course, there will be a backlash in the Valley, but Ajit Doval made sure that there are enough troops to deal with it – and with time, Kashmir Muslims, who are businessmen at heart, will settle down. The unrest though will never completely go, as long as India and Pakistan do not reunite – by force or by the will of the people- as both Germanies did and eventually both Koreas will do

Francois Gautier

Author of “ In Defense of a Billion Hindus” (Har Anand, New Delhi) available on Amazon

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