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Let us talk about karma and terrorism. The 2 words seem to be contradictory and yet they have a very deep and far reaching links. Do you know what karma is? It has nothing to with sin, in the Christian sense. Karma means any action has a consequence - in this life or in the next one or in the next one. Of course, you have to believe in reincarnation, like Buddhists or Hindus. Christians actually used to, till about the 7th century, when Roma, Emperor Constantine banned this belief. But it’s a very important tenet, because it allows you to know that you do not live only one life and this is the end: you go to paradise or purgatory or hell, depending on your actions. In the Buddhist tradition, you're reborn again and again, perfecting yourself during every life. This is the great message of the Bhagavad Gita, which should become the Bible of Future Humanity

Now there is also a collective karma, the karma of a nation. The Dalai Lama himself - I have interviewed him many times and I'm very fond of him - said many times that Tibet today is living a ‘black karma.’ at the hands of the Chinese. As you may know, about one million Tibetans died violently, either directly or indirectly since 1959. And it's a lot because Tibet is a very small nation of 6 million souls and as you know, many are in exile in India Now. The Dalai Lama said that “we, the Tibetans, are living a black karma today because of feudalism in Tibet till the 20th century.

So it's important to understand that a nation had a karma. If you look at Europe for instance, most European nations colonized Africa & other countries, My country, France, colonized most of North Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, et cetera, Often in  a very violent manner: they exploited the people, they killed people, they hanged people. And in the 50s, sixties, we imported cheap Arab labor because the French didn't want anymore to pick up trash or  be coolies. And these labor were looked down upon when I was a kid and made fun of. So if today I am the great grandson of one of these Arabs or  the French educated great great grandson of one of the colonized North Africans, I have an anger towards the white French, an anger which is justified: “ my people were exploited, they were killed, they were hanged”.. If I'm not educated, if I'm a French Muslim but not educated, my anger soon turns into violence. I start rioting against the French people, the white people, against the police. I'm not saying the violence is justified, but it's a karmic violence. So, France today is paying the karma of this colonization, of this exploitation of the Arabs. But then, the Arabs, the Muslims who are violently, who turn violently against France, they in their turn, creating a black karma for themselves as a collective body. And one day they will have to pay that karma. So this is very important to understand that each nation has a karma and this karma is paid in this life or the next. His Holiness the Dalai Lama again says that people of a particular nation, or even a  religion, are reborn mostly in the same nation or religion. If you're a Tibetan today, there's a good chance that when you die you will be again reborn as a Tibetan, if you're a Muslim, there's a fair chance that you're again reborn a Muslim. So that karma is lived from life to life.

Now, as far as Israel is concerned, the Israeli people have suffered terribly. Not only today with what the Hamas did on the 7th of October 2023, burning children in ovens, raping women, killing them. The most horrible terror that you can imagine from medieval times. But they also suffered throughout the ages. From the 6th century, 7th century onwards, when they were scattered over the world. They were victim of pogroms all over the world. And of course during the Second World War, Hitler killed 6 million Jews, One of the greatest Holocaust after that of the Hindus in the history of humanity. By the way, I want to say here that the only country in the world where Jews were NEVER persecuted is India, And they came to India in the 6th, 7th century, mostly in Bombay and in Kerala in Cochin. And there they lived peacefully. They were able to practice religion freely. And most of them went back to Israel in 1948. So this is very important to say. So what I'm saying Israel has lived terrible, terrible, terrible karma. For what reason? I have no idea. There have been many speculations about it. I do not want to speculate on this speculations. Let people make their own opinion. But the Dalai Lama also says that when you suffer, you're burning the karma, , so then the karma disappears. Thus, in the Buddhist and Hindu sense there is no absolute injustice: people you see today suffering immensely, are, most probably paying for a past karma. I'm a Frenchman, I'm not a Hindu, I'm not a Buddhist. So I'm putting this in brackets.


Nevertheless, the greatest danger we face today, is Islamic terrorism. Because Islamic terrorism in the name of the Quran, which was written long, long time ago and may have been justified in those days, wants to take over the world - in the most brutal manner. And it is waging a war against the entire civilized world, from China to France, from Chechnya to Palestine. Thus; we need to fight Islamic terrorism - karma or no karma, it is the duty of everyone and every nation.

Francois Gautier

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