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Belgium Indologist Koenraad Elst defined very well what is NEGATIONISM : ‘Negate truth, as many times as possible, even if it is outrageous, until it puts doubt in people’s minds’.

Hitler’s propaganda Minister, Goebbels, was the first one to use negationism on a large scale and since then, it has been utilized by many historians, to negate for instance the Holocaust of 6 million Jews by Hitler, which was so well documented (I have good German friends in Auroville, who tell me ‘6 millions, impossible’!), and in India, to negate the genocide of Muslim invasions and replace it, as Romila Thapar has done, ‘that it was only because there was so much gold in Hindu temples and thus it was not a religious crusade’.

In my humble opinion, the Congress has used skillfully and efficiently Negationism in cases of the Rafale and the Balakot strike. Most of us, when you announced the deal in Paris, thought it was a brilliant stroke, absolutely above board, but after so many stories, counter stories, denials, counter-denials, doubt has crept in the minds of many and the Congress certainly has gained a few points. The same is true of Balakot: it appears to me that much of the glow and national pride that rose immediately after the strike, has diffused, and people have given some credibility to an often hostile western & even Indian Media and their satellite photos.

Instead of keeping a dignified ‘above the fray’ attitude and have some of its spokespersons, speak for instance about Negationism, citing examples, the BJP Govt allowed itself to descend into arguments and counter-arguments and hence gave some grip to the lies and untruth of the Media, the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, which are asuric in nature & anti-dharmic.

Once more, the PM may need some out of the box advice from non BJP, non Government friends and well wishers, who have experience. It is essential that he incarnates true Hindu power, so as to implement crucial reforms in the fields of the Constitution Education, the Judiciary, etc, without which India cannot fulfill the dreams of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and so many avatars. At the moment though, it looks to me and quite a few others, that he does not want to be seen as incarnating Hindu power. Yet was he not elected by 97% Hindus- the remaining 3% only, by minorities? Hindu power needs to fight negationism at all costs. We see how it is used to paralyse the Parliament, to belittle Hindus and their beliefs. And however much Mr @narendramodi tries to be ‘secular’, he and his party, the @BJP4India, will continue to be attacked with false claims, accusations of attacks on minorities, fascism, etc. This is true negationism and it aims to destroy Hindu power.

François Gautier

Francois is the South Asia correspondent of the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles (, as well as the editor in chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l’Inde, published by He is also the author of “A History of India as it Happened” (Har Anand, Delhi). His latest book In Defence of a billion Hindus is available on Amazon

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