Gurus are Crucified

One of the greatest and most poignant mysteries of Life is how, every time man errs and darkness engulfs us, the Supreme, the Divine, or whatever name we give It,…

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A Nation With A Colonized Mind

For 60 years, China has humiliated India at every step : It betrayed Nehru’s naive trust in a Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai friendship and treacherously attacked India from Tibet which Nehru had…

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Hero For Modern India

Who is just, firm and stands for the weak ?Who is an honest and able administrator ?Who confronts the enemy and is not cowed into submission ?To whom did Mother…

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Brahmins And Politics

It has been made out that Mayavati won the UP elections because she fielded a number of Brahmin and upper caste candidates. But the BSP had given 86 tickets to…

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Reciprocity & Hindu Anger

This starts as a beautiful story. Once upon a time, there was a tiny village in South Arcot’s district of Tamil Nadu, called Kuilaplayam. Now Kuilapalayam is like hundreds of…

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What is a Miracle?

Ever heard about Descartes? René Descartes was born on the 31st March 1596 in La Haye France. After studying classics, logic and traditional Aristotelian philosophy, he came to the conclusion that the only subject which was satisfactory in his eyes was mathematics.

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The Waning Spirituality of India

India is a vast and ancient land, which till now had managed to keep within itself, by the stubborn will of its people, and the silent tapasayas of her yogis hidden in her Himalayan caves, the ultimate knowledge, the secret of our destiny. At a time when the world has never been feeling so lost, when man has forgotten the Why and How of his existence and all religions seem to have failed, India may hold the key to man’s future.

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