Today my post is about the Power of Decision. The human mind is such that it can debate for hours about whether to go right, left or straight. There will be always a hundred arguments for each direction to take, pros & cons. This is how our intellect is made. Sri Aurobindo said that Truth is not linear but global: it is not successive but simultaneous…

Sometimes, we need to make a decision in a split moment, a decision that can have innumerable consequences for us and for others too. But if we dither, hesitate, we may not only lose an opportunity, but also our inaction may have incalculable negative consequences for ourselves and others.

Great men, take split decisions and assume responsibility for them. #MaharanaPratap was such a man: before the battle of Hadilghati, his soldiers had to go through a pass that was so narrow that it was ideal for an ambush by Akbar’s soldiers. But Maharana decided to take it – and won the battle against the great Akbar (whatever your history books say)

In these times of #Covid19, world leaders must make important decisions, using their power of intuition and judgment. But we see that they are mostly influenced by what the Media says, as well as the allopathic lobby, which is in league with the powerful pharmaceutical lobby, that is making billions of dollars of profits from vaccinations. The heads of States weight the pros and cons endlessly and in the end, they chose the easiest decision: ‘let’s go with what the doctors say (though they have been hopelessly ignorant and helpless in this matter) and be safe…”

What made India great is her yogis, avatars, swaminis, sadhus, yesterday, today and tomorrow… #Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world still in practice. It is not in competition with western medicine, and is indeed a complement, an addition – and even sometimes works where allopathic medicine is impotent. The right decision in a split moment is to say so and to stand by the great gurus that are still in the land of India, such as Swami Swami Ramdev, @SriSri Ravi Shankar, @Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Asharamji Bapu, who is dying in jail, or even the two sadhus that were brutally murdered under the eyes of the police. Silence shows a lack of this all important Power of Decision.

I am a human being like every other: sometimes for small matters, I debate for hours in my own mind. But i am proud to say that when it came to big decisions, I always ook them right on the spot: the first evening I arrived in India, driving by car from Paris to Delhi, I decided I would stay in India for the rest of my life and defend this great country till my last breath. And when I started the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Pune, I decided that my first building would be a shrine dedicated to Mother Indian, Bharat Mata, for Museums are truly Temples of Knowledge.

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