Today’s final post on the month of #MaharanaPratap is about SACRIFICE.

We see that every avatar that came on Earth, gave His or Her Whole, without a second thought, with no respite and sometimes even gave His or Her life

The existence of the Avatar is not only an extraordinary mystery but also marks one of the greatest sacrifices that the human race has witnessed: how the Divine not only comes down among us to help humankind but also how we often ignore Him or Her – and sometimes even turn against the Avatar. This has been exemplified by Jesus Christ who was crucified; his ultimate sacrifice also reveals how we humans torture the Divine, physically or morally.

And so it is with vibhutis, from Joan of Arc, to the Rani of Jhansi, from Shivaji Maharaj to Maharana Pratap, all these Great never cease fighting, working, thinking and it uses up their bodies prematurely, till they ascend back to the Abode they came from.

Sacrifice is thus another of the qualities of great men & women, apart from valour, power of decision, intuition and ruthlessness when needed.

We find so many of them in your great Indian History, who sacrificed their life or their health so Bharat Mata be protected from evil and asuric forces, as well as invaders.

Indeed, nearer to us, the present Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, also never stops working, sleeps very little and his every thought and action is about how to make modern India, better, a true superpower, economic, political, military and spiritual

Maharana Pratap also sacrificed his life and died prematurely -and we in the Shivaji Maharaj Museum, honour him as well as may other heroes and heroines, who sacrificed their lives or health for Bharat. Support us in our endeavor to show Indian History AS IT HAPPENED and send me a mail at, if u wish to do so


Francois gautier

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