I am not a politician

I am not a politician, I am a journalist, who always stood by truth, even if it cost me. SO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR HOLINESS THE Dalai Lama. YOU ARE A BECKON OF HOPE IN A WORLD TORN BY HATE, OR WORSE, BY THE POLITICALLY CORRECT. My wife and I had the good fortune of meeting you soooooooo many times and at every occasion, without understanding, I felt like crying, for you are a yogi, who pretends he is just a simple human being. I bow down to Thee

More than that, you are the leader spiritual and temporal, of Tibet, a country that has always been friendly to India, who has been preyed upon by India’s arch enemy, China, whom I view as an asuric nation, trying to dominate the world, economically, politically and with the might of its armed forces

On behalf of India, a country I love and have always defended, I must nevertheless apologize to you, that political parties, whether Indian National Congress or Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) do not fully grasp the importance of #Tibet for them: that its taking over by China gave them an immense strategic advantage in case of a war; that all the great rivers of South Asia are born in Tibet and China is damming them and using them as a weapon; that China has stored many nuclear missiles in Tibetan caves (CIA reports); that if Tibetan culture & spirituality dies, it will be a great loss to India and to the world.

Also Your Holiness, I am completely baffled that after so many decades of India being duped by #China, it still believe it can pacify the Chinese by ‘not offending them’, which basically means not acknowledging you openly.

If only Indians would understand that you are the greatest weapon in their hand: the very mention of your name make the Chinese, who are such a cold, intelligent and calculating race, lose all common sense and rant like children. Beijing does not acknowledge India’s suzerainty on Kashmir, claims Arunachal Pradesh, keeps nibbling at Indian territories in, Ladhak, Sikkim or Assam; so why can’t the Indian Govt give them tit for tat, by declaring Tibet is a disputed country and give you and the wonderful Tibetan people, a chance to reclaim what is spiritually, geographically and politically yours?

As soon as you die, we know the Chinese will name their own puppet Dalai lama and India’s military and geo strategical position will be further undermined. They would have lost a great friend, to whom , yes they gave refuge (reluctantly), but mostly ignored and kept under wraps

But I guess, I am an isolated case of pro-Tibetan, pro truth defender

So once more Your Holiness, may you live long and frustrate the Chinese and one day ,with the Divine’s Grace reclaim what is rightfully yours


Francois & Namrita Gautier

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