Is the recent reshuffle of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Govt by PM Narendra Modi a call for ministers to be faithful to the original ideals of the BJP? Like change the history books & curriculums, to true Indian History, or go back to the basics – the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Upanishads OR THE VEDAS to be taught to all children? What is your opinion?

We in the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History Pune, have tried very hard to remain faithful to these ideals, in spite of many obstructions, much hostility, & a lot of problems. We have not only two exhibitions on the Vedas (attached some of the panels of the 2d one), but also major exhibitions on all the heroes (Shivaji Maharaj/ Maharana Pratap, etc), heroines (Tarabai, Rani Kittur Chennama/ Alyabhai Holkar etc) and also the ‘vilains’ (Aurangzeb/ Tippu Sultan/ Hindu Holocaust/ Kashmir ethnic cleansing, etc).

One of the major problems we face is raising money for these projects, as this is a sewa Museum and entrance is free. We have been to many big tycoons, entrepreneurs, businessmen, sometimes even recommended by Higher ups, but in the end, they tell me : ‘we are more comfortable donating to education and health »/ Or : « after due consideration oour board feels that we should remain with women empowerment ». Which basically means ‘we are scared of a Frenchman doing an Indian History Museum, a touchy subject of there is one’…

Thus this has been the hardest task, as not only we need to pay the salaries of the Museum (one lakh rupees a month), the ongoing exhibitions (four of them at an average of 30.000 Rs per painting and 40 panels per exhibition), as well as maintenance and development (we are making a, AC Bldg for new exhibitions . Cost is 12 lakhs)

Thus we need your financial support. We have Indian and US tax exemption. You can transfer directly to our trust account below or send me a mail at if you need some clarification

Tks for your support

Francois & Namrita Gautier

Trustees FACT

Name of account: Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT)

Account No: 04071450000237

 IFCS code:  HDFC0000407

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